The North Shore Golfing Experience
North Shore Golf Club is set on the north shore of Lake Winnebago that has a Donald Ross style golf course. The Club was founded in 1930 and is traditional and classic in style.  Many of our greens are surrounded by collection areas and closely mowed chipping areas. The collection areas, the closely mowed chipping areas, and the slightly elevated greens make our course truly reminiscent of the Pinehurst golf courses.

Many of the greens have false edges. These edges will funnel golf balls into the closely mowed chipping areas surrounding the greens. This creates smaller targets but gives the illusion of a large target when looking at our greens from the fairway. When you put all this together, along with the ever changing wind direction, our golf course becomes the ultimate challenge.

North Shore is proud to present to you nothing but the finest playing conditions every day. We are renowned for our excellent course conditions and our greens are second to none.

North Shore offers its members an extensive golf event calendar:
Men's, Ladies and Couples Events  Junior Program
9 – Hole Events with Dinner
Night Golf 
Practice Area
Teaching Area
Traditional Design
All of our events are good for a lot of laughs. Also, for the competitive spirit in you, we have the Club Championship at the end of the summer.  But if you just want to come play golf for fun, we offer an abundance of that too. North Shore is truly one of the classics when it comes to golf and private club membership.

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Club House (920) 739-2386 Pro Shop (920) 734-9631